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Mass Elite Hockey League Information:


Levels of Play:

High School/U18 (no checking)


Cost of Play:

$295 - League Fee


Game Play:

3 12 minute stop time periods

  • Clock will run when goal differential is greater than 5 goals (in the 3rd).
  • If goal differential is 7 or greater at any time the clock will run.  
  • Once score gets back to 5 or less play goes back to stop time.


Rule System:

USA Hockey rules (with no checking).  Each player is required to have a USA Hockey Number.  


League Breakdown:

4 High School / U18 teams

12 game season



2 points for a win

  • In the event of a tie - 5 min 3 v 3
  • 3 player shootout
  • Shootout until winner (each team get equal amount of shots)

2 points for an OT win

0 points for an OT loss



3 minor penalties allowed before player ejection (player ejected on 4th minor)

If a player gets a Major he will automatically be ejected

A Major Misconduct will carry a 1 game suspension

Fighting:  Automatic 2 game suspension (could be more pending league review)

Abuse of officials:  Automatic 2 game suspension